Car Wash

Monthly Passes

The Best Full Service -$69.99 per Month

  • Monthly pass for one car.  Our Best Full service wash includes a thorough hand dry, interior vacuum, windows cleaned, dash and door jambs wiped, triple coat polish wax, whitewall and wheel cleaning, HAND applied tire shine, undercarriage flush with rust inhibitor, sealer wax, Rain-X, air freshener and floor mats(4) shampoo

Ultimate Full Service Wash-  $59.99 per month

  • includes our Deluxe Full wash plus
  • Triple Coat Polish Wax, Hand applied tire shine, whitewall and wheel cleaning

Deluxe Full Service Wash- $49.99 per month

  • includes our Basic Full Wash plus
  • undercarriage flush, Sealer Wax and air freshener

Basic Full Service - $39.99 per month

  • Monthly  pass for one car.  Full service wash including hand dry, interior vacuum, windows cleaned, dash and doorjambs wiped.

Best exterior only wash - $34.99 per month

Includes hand applied tire shine, Triple coat wax, Sealerwax and undercarriage wash

Basic exterior only wash - $19.99 per month

  • Your car is gently cleaned and hand dried every time you arrive.
  • Must remain in vehicle during wash

Gift Cards
They make great gifts for Birthdays, Graduations or other special events.
They will remember you every time they use it!

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